To understand solar, first you have to understand electricity.

Currently you get your electricity from an electric company. More than likely they are not producing the electricity, they are simply distributing it. The electricity has to travel from a power plant through the grid to a distribution center back through the grid to the transformer and pick up station to finally hit your house.

When you go solar you take the production and distribution systems and put them on your roof. This does two things: makes your electricity much cheaper and more efficient. More efficient because you don’t need to have the cables going hundreds of miles to get to the final location. Also, once they system is installed you are finished and there does not need to be any more resources taken from the environment. After all, the sun is the world’s largest most renewable energy source. Cheaper because just like when you purchased your home you realized that ownership is how you move forward in life. This works the same way! If you don’t rent your house, car, or couch, why do you rent your electricity?
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A consultant will come out to your house to go over how solar works and how your electricity supply will change. We then go over your current electric bill with you to show what you are really paying. The consultant will also ask you some questions to make sure you and your home qualify for solar. This process can take 15 minutes all the way up until you are done asking questions. We are happy either way!

Once approved we design a system that will go on your property. The system will produce 95-105% of your annual electricity usage.



After you approve the system we have designed you will sign the agreements and warranties. To protect the homeowners we do a validation call with the finance company and they go over the agreement with you to make sure that you completely understand it.

Once the validation call is completed, we schedule a site survey to send out an engineer to further approve the house and submit the appropriate permits.

After the survey is finished we will send you an email asking for permission to connect the panels to your power line. Upon signing this agreement, there is a 30 period where we will wait for permitting and then begin installation.



Our team will arrive on the scheduled day and install the panels on your roof. They will attach an inverter to the panels so they can convert their energy into electricity for your home. We will then hook up to your new meter on the side of your home. Once we get connected to your meter we will turn the system on.

If your panels over produce you will actually see negative numbers on your meter and get credited the amount on your electricity usage. The most important thing about this process is these panels work for you everyday of every year. They will be your best paying tenant!